Pet Photography Workshop in Oxfordshire

Pet Photography Workshop in Oxfordshire

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I’m very excited to hold my pet photography course here in my home village in Greatworth, Oxfordshire.

I’ve photographed for many luxury dog food brands and my dog images have been on the covers of Countrylife and may be even on your dog food packaging today!

I’ve got two dogs, Bally the Fox Labrador and Milly the yappy Terrier, which I have vague control over. One of my favourite things to do is to photograph them. Now you can join in on the fun!

There are only 8 places available as I like to give each of you individual tuition throughout the day. It’s a really fun and relaxed course but prepare to get muddy and licked by my dogs throughout the workshop!

This workshop focuses on dogs but the skills learned can be used in many other genres of photography.

We will be ‘on location’ with the dogs in many different scenarios so we can get as many different shots as possible, prepare to get a bit muddy!

By the end of the session you will have creative control over your DSLR and to be able to produce images you are proud of. I will also guide you through my post-production workflow and we can edit some of your favourite shots of the day.

NOTE: At no point will there be a boring Powerpoint presentation. All the tutorials and techniques are carried out in the field.

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What you will need on the day

A Digital SLR

Full Batteries & memory cards

A Zoom lens ( over 100mm ideally!)

Good pair of boots or wellies and warm clothing preferably waterproof

  • Cost Per Attendee

John Alexander
[email protected]
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