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Panning is the action of ‘panning’ or following your subject together with a slow shutter-speed to emphasise movement or speed.

The trick is while the shutter is open to track your subject at exactly the speed it is travelling to keep it sharp while the stationary background becomes a streak of blur.

Step 1:

Turn your camera to Shutter-Priority (Tv) and set it to around 1/30sec.

The shutter-speed will change depending on how fast your subject is moving.  A man walking might be 1/10sec whereas a Formula 1 Racing Car may be 1/125sec. Play with the shutter-speed until you have enough blur. Too slow and it will be toooooo abstract, too little and you will not have enough movement in the shot. 1/30 is a good start.

Step 2:

Turn on Continual Focus: Al Servo – this continually focuses on your subject as you half-press your shutter button.

Step 3:

Motion: Like any golfer or tennis player, it must be a fluid action.  Any jittering mid exposure and you will see it in your photograph.

Step 4:

Composition: Give the subject room to move into. I allow a little room on either side so I can crop in post-production. If the subject is moving right to left, leave more room on the left and vice versa (see photos above).

Step 5:

Practice: It is difficult at first, but keep trying and the results will be awesome!

Try it and, if you get any good ones, post them on my Facebook page.

John Alexander
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