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Pheasant Game-shooting Photographer – John Alexander Photography

Step 1.

Rustle through the family’s miscellaneous coats in your cloakroom and free your shooting jacket from amongst the others. Remove the empty, multi-coloured cartridges that still loom in the pocket depths and re-stock with live rounds.

Step 2.

Unlock the gun cabinet where orange flecks of iron oxide have began colonising parts of the steel barrel during its hibernation. Clean and remove any other signs of neglect.

Step 3.

Retrieve your Wellington Boots from the cellar and shake out any spiders.

It’s that time of the year again. Its the shooting season!

Game-shooting Photographer by John Alexander Photography

I count my self extremely lucky that I am able to roam throughout some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK and abroad as a game-shooting photographer. It’s ridiculously good fun attempting to capture the organised chaos into well composed images. It’s a combination of action/portrait/landscape/wildlife and documentary-style photography all into one and theres nothing better than getting muddy trying to put myself into the best positions for the shot. I never look quite a presentable after the shoot, but the best shots are always the ones which are hardest to get!

I’ve been lucky enough for my game-shooting photography to be featured in shooting magazines all over the world. I’ve definitely geared my style of photography towards creating drama and action rather than being ‘pretty’, I’m constantly trying to find ways to make every photograph as creative and captivating as possible. This is the kick I get out of photography.

action game shooting photographer
A gun shoots a pheasant in the rain at twilight on a shoot in Northamptonshire
silhouette gun shoot devein game shooting photography, drone
A Silhouette of a gun shooting high into the woods on a driven shoot in Devon.
game shooting photography, game-shooting photographer
A fast shutter speed captured the shot leaving the Shotgun as the gun shot at a high bird in Dorset.
game shooting photographer, game shooting photography, pheasant shooting images
A line of guns shooting pheasants on a driven game shoot in Wales Bettws Hall., Maesmawr Shoot.
game shooting photography, gun dog, gun dog retrieving, partridge gun dog
A Golden Labrador gun dog retrieving a partridge on a driven shoot in Norfolk.
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